Paro Tshechu

Paro Tshechu Festival is an annual event that happens inside the Paro Dzong for the first two days and remaining three days are held at Dingyakha Ground, just next to the Paro Dzong and the reason behind is because Paro Tshechu is so popular that many spectators across the country turns up with their families followed by Western Tourists.

Every year the popular Paro Tshechu falls under early spring where especially the farmers are free from agricultural farm works and just after the Bhutanese New Year so the Festive mood remains very strong for more enjoyment and fun. Paro Tshechu brings the highest number of Tourist in the country and one of the most popular Tshechu.

The last day of the five day Tshechu ends with the unfurling of the giant Thangka of Guru Rimpoche between 3-4am in the morning and stays up till the sun rise and the belief behind witnessing and receiving blessing is that ones sins get “Liberation By Sight” and it had been a tradition that His Majesty The Fifth King of Bhutan had been always present on this day for both offering prayers for the well being of the Nation and World at large and for Peace.  Tshechu is always conducted or ending on the 10th Day of a Bhutanese Calendar month as the term Tshechu means the tenth, which is widely celebrated as Birth Anniversary of Guru Rimpoche, The Second Buddha.

Tshechu’s are organized in all 20 Districts of Bhutan and each district performs at different months from one another and its more like a New Year Celebrations and its both happy celebrations for the citizens as well as big day of offerings to the Guru Rimpoche and other local deities. There will be both mask dances by the Buddhist Monks as well as songs and dance from the local villagers.

Its an annual event and during Tshechu period all Govt and Private including schools and farmers remains holiday. It is an important event as all related folks from across the country comes together and discusses the important issue and prays together for a successful year. Come be part of the big annual celebrations with the Punakha District!

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