Bhutan Retreat and meditation

To ward off stress, tensions and mixed-feelings, Bhutan Retreat & Meditation Tour offers the visitors the gateway towards overcoming it and finding meaningful solutions with practice on the spot.

Buddhism has a strong belief in retreat & meditation so that one is cast away from the clutches of miseries and sufferings. In this context, Bhutan Retreat & Meditation Tour organizes such sittings where visitors get to know the benefits of mind training and the ultimate results. Clients can experience the fact returning to a sea of peace and tranquillity. No distractions will be felt during such practises. So, we are sure in offering instant results.

Many tourists come to Bhutan for meditation and retreat tours. Some itineraries include serious meditation programs that last for days while others offer solitary retreats for few hours in the high hills and temples where the serenity and beauty of nature can be appreciated in undisturbed silence.

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